A very good episode

If you have yet to listen to The Classical Gabfest, the podcast I co-host with Tiffany Lu and Kensho Watanabe, I think this is a great starter episode:

We start every episode with a game, and in this one, we pull off a fairly unbelievable act of musical logic / recognition.

Then we do a news item, and this week we talked about an INSANE lawsuit by a music professor against the entire faculty of his department as well as one of his own grad students.

For the second topic, we usually discuss something lighter. In this case, I tricked Kensho and Tiffany into discussing one of my all-time favorite subjects, The Classical Revolution by John Borstlap, which irks and compels me in equal measure, and which I’ve written about on this site before.

Our third segment is most often an interview, and this is one of my favorites so far, exploring the world of music therapy and dementia with a bona fide expert and advocate from the UK, Grace Meadows.

In the final segment, the Classical Mixtape, I recommend a video that I have been OBSESSED with for the past 3 weeks, Timo Andres performing “New Year’s Music” by Georgs PelÄ“cis.

So yeah, just all around a great episode of a great podcast — at least I think it is anyway. But other people do too! Some very savvy people will tell you it’s their favorite podcast. Am I saying that by adopting it as your favorite, you too can be a savvy person? Yes I am. But even if it doesn’t work, it couldn’t hurt!

Available on YouTube and in all the podcast apps.