If you like my music or just want to get in touch, feel free to e-mail me:

  • For business inquiries:
    Music rental/licensing, commissions, guest conducting, speaking
  • For chit-chat: willcwhite (a) If you’re a young composer/conductor/musician seeking advice or you want me to look over your work, I’m happy to do that. Use this address.
  • For everything related to Harmonia Orchestra & Chorus: wwhite (a)
  • For everything related to The Classical Gabfest: classicalgabfest (a)


I bought a piece from your web site. How do I get it?

When you purchase a piece from, my web site should automatically email you a download link to get the .pdf. If you don’t see it within an hour of your purchase, please check your spam folder first; it often ends up there.

If you don’t see it in your spam, then please do email me at any of the above addresses and we’ll get it sorted out right away.

Why do your choral scores cost more than the full scores?

Because I presume that, in purchasing a choral score, you will simply make as many copies as you need for your singers. And that’s great! It’s way easier than me printing and shipping a whole bunch of copies and charging you per part, which would end up costing you at least twice as much, and make me have to write those annoying, guilt-ridden anti-photocopying messages in my music. I live in the real world. Copy what you need, go in peace.

There’s no purchase link to the piece I want to buy. Is it available?

Yeah, I’m getting these scores uploaded a piece at a time, so if there’s something you’d like that you don’t see, just ask, and I’ll get it online ASAP!

Do you write arrangements or orchestrations?

Oh goodness yes. I’ve written arrangements for the Cincinnati Pops, the Alabama Symphony, the May Festival Chorus, Megan Hilty, and literally dozens of school groups, church choirs, and chamber ensembles. Most of these are so specific to the circumstances I’ve arranged them for that I don’t publish or publicize them. I’m usually able to fit in some arrangements in between other projects though, so feel free to ask!

May I post audio/video of my performance of your piece online?

You bet! Please send along the link so I can check it out!