An experiment

I’ve just recorded a new little pièce d’occasion of mine, titled Dans les champs de Valensole, and in order to present it to the world, I’ve made two videos and uploaded them both to YouTube. The question is: which will the algorithm find more enticing?

The first one features me and Kevin performing “live” and featuring beautiful shots of the lavender fields of southern France:

The second features the rolling score:

I’ve posted them both in various places just to get the ball rolling. My mother thinks its insane that anyone would prefer to watch the score video, but I think she underestimates the popularity of the medium, or the number of classical music nerds who sit around and watch this kind of stuff all day.

I particularly wonder which cellists will prefer – to see the player in action, or to see what it is that he’s actually playing.

Only time will tell. I’ll share the results in a couple of months.

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Jeff Eldridge

I’m going to buck the trend and comment on something other than climate change.
Here’s an upvote for the score videos. I often download scores from IMSLP to follow along, but then I have to go to all the trouble of clicking “next page” every few seconds (which is what conductors do in real life, I suppose). Also, if I want to skip ahead or back in the video, then I have to try to find the corresponding passage in the score, and that’s a much bigger pain.
But here’s an idea: How about a score video with the live performance as a “picture-in-picture” in the corner? (Or off to the side, depending on the aspect ratios of the score and the performance video.)

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