My new babies

I’m so incredibly pleased with the recordings of my two most recent works for young audiences. The more recent one, The Itsy Bitsy Spider & His Great Singalong Adventure, is intended for little kids, roughly ages 2-8.

The older one, How to Become a Composer, is aimed more at elementary/middle school, let’s say kids ages 6-12, but honestly, I don’t care how old you are, just get over yourself and listen to both of them. They’re charming, they’re delightful, and there’s something in them for everyone. (I’m a huge believer in the Disney model of pitching certain material WAY over the heads of the kids for whom the work is nominally intended.)

Mad props/thanks to my wonderful collaborator Jon Brennan who patiently engineered these recordings, and to my lovely friends and students who played in the orchestra.