Carnegie post mortem

Here’s the thing about Carnegie: it’s comfy. It’s like sleeping on a well-stuffed elder-down bed.

You might think it’d intimidating or overwhelming to play that hall, but it’s not – it’s easy. It’s the way things always should be.

Dressing rooms: A+. Not a wire hanger in sight. Great water pressure on the toilet flush.

One surprise: the conductor’s stand was a Wenger. Like, a 1980’s Topeka band room model. Let’s class it up a little, shall we Carnegie!?

Tip: if you’re planning to snap a photo during the concert, honey, you’d better do it fast – the Carnegie ushers have ninja-like reflexes (they were likely falcons in a previous life) and they will not hesitate to defend their glorious hall from empixelation on your device.

Recommended: Dino’s Shoe Repair for a first-rate shoe shine, and the Columbus Circle Whole Foods for a great pre-show dinner and a VERY intimidating – but well-organized – check-out experience.