Kudos to Naxos

for finding new reasons for children to hate classical music!

P.S. “Rococo” is a word that belongs in a song about as much as “inter-uteran”.

[Update: From the imdb episode descriptions for “Little Amadeus” (which is apparently German in origin):

Season 1, Episode 1: Solo für Amadeus

Amadeus is scheduled to sing in the choir on the Archbishop’s name day. Yet Amadeus must help his friend Kajetan with the problem of the robbed coach that was loaded down with cookies and chocolate for the event. Can Amadeus help his friend and be at Bishop’s celebration on time?

Season 1, Episode 9: Gift im Trunk

Ahoy! The Mozarts are on the way to Vienna by boat. Leopold and Anna Maria are there but where are their children? They are on the wrong ship! Will Amadeus and Nannerl ever see their parents again?

Season 2, Episode 7: Sternschnuppen

The children of Salzburg are playing in the snow. Pumperl joins in the fun and jumps on some ice in the river yet starts to float away. Can the children save the dog? And what has this got to do with the big telescope?

And what the hell does any of this have to do with Mozart????]



This is ADORABLE. Not really roh coh coh though…and I dunno about every symphony being a masterpiece. I still really want to Netflix this.SO CUTE!


Genius use of actual quotations from Mozart’s work, a hearty bravo! to the composer

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