Boys like Bow Ties

I don’t need no Wall Street Journal to tell me that bow ties are cool.  In fact, I never thought they were not cool.  So, look how behind the times everyone else is.

I hate how every damn little thing has to be justified by our current economic crisis:

Cardigans, V-necked sweaters and narrow ties are also suddenly popular these days. We’re channeling Paul Newman at a moment when Rambo characters seem to lack the finesse needed to solve our modern challenges.

Oh puleeze… when we start making bow ties out of recycled toilet paper, maybe that will have something to do with our “modern challenges”.

In other fashion news, I saw this little girl today in Targét wearing a bright colored t-shirt that said “Boys like Girls” and I just had to have one for myself!  But then I go online and I find out they’re some kind of punk band.  Ugh, don’t click on that link, it will just play their music… and I made the foolish mistake of clicking while I was listening to the last 30 seconds of the Berg Violin Concerto.  That’s what I get for multi-tasking.

I still kind of want one though… but none of the shirts on their merchandise page are what this little girl had on today.  I remain convinced that her shirt was not a Fan T, but rather just a Statement T.  But now if I wear it, people will think I like this stupid band.

I guess I’ll just have to stick to bow ties.