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Ask a Maestro: What’s the deal with vibrato?

OK I want to clarify my position here: I’m not in any way against performing music without vibrato. In fact, I think it can sound cool af. What I’m against is the rigid adherence to a doctrine of non-vibrato under the heading of Authenticity.

As usual, it’s the fans, admirers, and courtiers surrounding the Early Music set who are most ardent in their worship of senza vibratoism rather than the musicians and scholars who are better read and practically grounded (of course there are some real doozies in that bunch too…) I have heard many a Baroque enthusiast say that they simply won’t listen to a vibratoed performance because it’s not authentic.

The world, my dears, ain’t so black and white, and that’s what I’m trying to get at in this video.

All right: Come at me bro!