Cold Turkey

Let me just say right off the bat, this is a great movie.  Will Slocombe’s feature film (and first attempt as a writer/director) tells the story of a fraught Thanksgiving weekend, the sort of hostile family dynamics that we’re all familiar with, but amplified and made funny-sad like you wouldn’t believe.  The picture stars Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines.

This was a tough score to write, mainly because the movie’s tone teeters perilously on the line between comedy and drama.  Often times I wanted to write music that would play the opposite in the scene: if things were getting too heavy, better to lighten the mood a little bit with some cute pizzicati.

The whole score is based around a single theme.  Here are some of my favorite cues:



Steadicam shot of the hallway

Second steadicam shot of the hallway