Follow Your Heart

Revels 2011.  This is a duet between a grandmother (Fiona) and her granddaughter (Sadie).  Sadie is a college freshman and aspiring singer; Grandma always wanted to be an artist, but married for money instead and now regrets it.  Sadie’s mother is dead (I think).  Cue song:

p.s. the woman who originally sang this song was Welsh.  That’s really no excuse for my singing it with any accent other than my own American one, but when the shoe fits…


Follow your heart, be brave and be bold,
Live for your art, I wish I’d been told.
There’s one life to live and the one there to live it is you.

The road that’s been tried is never as true,
The path that’s uphill is the one to pursue,
The end might be further, but Sadie, just think of the view.
So follow your heart and I promise you’ll know what to do.


Grandpa’s aloof and afraid, but secure,
Mother once glimmered, but now she’s obscure,
And grandma’s advice seems so sage and so pure,
So I’ll have to forge my path.

I’ll follow my heart, etc…