Love on the Rocks

Revels 2009.  Emma and Trip sing a beautiful ballad while “Marooned” (<– get it??) on the Galapagos Islands. Emma thinks only of the cold Chicago winters and the life of the mind; Trip thinks only of Emma. The brilliant lyrics for this song were written by a man I truly admire and am privileged to count as a friend, the writer Ted Fishman.

This is my second try at writing a real Disney-esque ballad. The first is here.

Ted’s lyrics:

Emma: Alone in my room, where it’s cold,
I feel ideas burning.
Alone in my room, there’s sunshine,
from the minds of great thinkers.

I sit happy there, in the stale air
Where my only care is for theory.
And here I walk on a tortoise stalk,
On this isle so bleak and dreary.

I miss Hyde Park, I miss the snow,
I miss Hyde Park, Professor’s Row.

The Quad with it’s faux Gothic gates,
The Reg and the late night debates.
Take me home from this tropical bay
To my city gray.

Trip: Out here in the sun, where it’s warm
Cool off, you’re overheating.
Out here in the sun, we have a chance
To live as God’s creatures.

This is no dead rock – it’s chocablock,
All around, life is revolving,
And here we walk on our tortoise stalk,
Down an aisle where we’re evolving.

Embrace my heart, embrace my soul,
Embrace my heart, lose all control.

Our minds in wide open space,
The world is a fine nesting place.
Shake away your tropical blue,
I love you.

E: Embrace your heart?
T: Embrace my soul!
E: But how to start?
T: Oh you will know

Both: We’re like minds about our affection.
We’re each other’s natural selection.
Wherever we roam, we are home.