Nunc Dimittis

for A Cappella Chorus (à 6)

I wrote this piece specifically to be included on Cedille Record‘s American Choral Premieres CD (released May 2009).  I wrote it with the virtuosity of the William Ferris Chorale in mind.  The liner notes to the disc are the first time that anybody has ever written about my music (besides me).  I really started at the top here — Andrea Lamoreaux wrote such insightful commentary about this piece that I feel it’s only right to quote her:

White’s setting is radically different from most in that he recounts the entire story of which the sentences beginning “Nunc dimittis” (Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace) form the central core.  The result is a miniature narrative cantata in which there are three characters; the infant Jesus, Mary his mother, and the prophet Simeon.  It’s a vivid scene involving both human drama and divine promise.

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