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A Pause

in which the author takes a brief respite from his harrying schedule of list-making and brings two new blogs to his readers’ attention:

1) The Universal Order of the Good Death

My friend Caitlin is a Death Industry worker, a writer, a dramaturg, and a medieval historian.   All of that comes together on her new website.

The basic premise of her blog (or her life, really) is that we contemporary Westerners are living in a world totally disconnected from the one basic inevitability of life: death.  Many people have never even seen a corpse.  Upon death, most bodies are whisked away to hospital morgue or a holding facility; when they reappear, they have been stuffed full of unnecessary embalming fluids, administered by an industry that prays on the public’s ignorance and fear of mortality.

So follow Caitlin on her journey through the funeral industry.  An extra treat is the web series that’s part of the blog, produced by another friend/crazy artiste, Angeline Gragasin.

2) Back at this Table

This blog is part of the fringe cult of Charlie Rose.  As much as I love the guy, I hope I never go so far off the deep end in my uh… appreciation of him.

Luckily for all of us, the three anonymous writers of this blog take a loose and humorous approach to the their devotion and to their subject.  Despite the blog’s infancy, it didn’t take long for it to find its way to my inbox via multiple sources who were aware of my own loose and humorous devotion to Charlie Rose.

Pause over: the listing recommences tomorrow!