Yearly Archives: 2006


Solo for Organ

I hate to have this bizarrity listed as my only work for solo organ (I’ll try to rectify that, organists).  The entire idea of this piece is to use the organ to literally shake the rafters of the church and make the most grotesque, earthquake-esque sound possible.  It is played here by my a true wizard of the Organ and a great friend of mine, Thomas Weisflog.

3 Fanfares

These three fanfares come from Thy King Cometh and kind of work in a little three-movement structure, though I never intended them to be played as a group:

Fanfare I for two trumpets and organ (Palm Sunday prelude)

Fanfare II for brass quintet, organ and timpani (Palm Sunday postlude)

Fanfare III for brass quintet, organ and timpani (Easter Sunday prelude)

The Triumphal Entry

Anthem for Soprano and Baritone Soloists, Choir, Organ, Brass and Timpani

Here’s an anthem for Palm Sunday; the festive crowd marches in from the distance, the Savior seated atop a bumbling ass (the dotted figure in the timpani.) Voluptuous solos for soprano and baritone, and a sensible choir part.

Why does the choral score cost so much?

Because I presume that, in purchasing it, you will simply make as many copies as you need for your singers. And that’s great! Much easier than me printing and shipping a whole bunch of them and charging you per part, which would probably cost you at least twice as much and make me have to write those annoying, guilt-ridden anti-photocopying messages in my music. I live in the real world. Copy what you need, and go in peace.

Here’s me conducting the recording session.  I think I was having fun that day: